Last night, the streets of Leeds were graced with the enchanting return of Light Night, where dreams came to life.

This annual arts extravaganza’s inaugural night showcased a multitude of the city’s most iconic structures and spaces adorned with a captivating array of illuminated artworks sourced from around the globe.

This year’s event, themed “Future Dreaming,” boasts over 50 captivating and imaginative installations, delving into visions of Leeds and the world at large in the years to come.

Last night heralded the commencement of the 19th edition of this cultural showcase, now established as the UK’s largest annual arts and light festival.

Among the standout exhibits for this year, Leeds Civic Hall’s unmistakable white facade served as the canvas for “Theatre of Illumination” by artist Will Simpson. Originally commissioned for the 2014 event, this breathtaking digital piece incorporates a series of 3D optical illusions, projection mapping, and a thrilling soundtrack that transports visitors through time and space.

Elsewhere, at Leeds Dock, the awe-inspiring “Evanescent,” crafted by the Australian design studio Atelier Sisu, invited visitors to wander amidst a series of large, illuminated, and vibrant bubbles accompanied by an entrancing soundscape.

At Trinity Leeds, Yorkshire Circus presented “Portals,” a unique acrobatic performance within an illuminated wheel.

Meanwhile, Park Square was adorned with a magical installation named “Enchanted Glade,” a co-production with the British Library that transports visitors back in time to the ancient forest of Leodis. Here, they can amble through a serene glade filled with luminous flowers, fairies, and mystical stone circles.

Over on City Square, LEEDS 2023 joined forces with creative studio NOVAK for an extraordinary rendition of their “Making A Stand” installation.

At The Tetley, artists Harriet Lumby and Alan Hayes unveiled “Emergence,” a new large-scale sculpture featuring moving light and an original soundscape by the NYX: electronic drone choir.

Each of Light Night’s installations spanned various zones across the city centre, with several generously sponsored by local businesses and organisations.

The Light Night team has also worked diligently to ensure this year’s event is as energy-efficient as possible, collaborating with artists to promote the use of energy-efficient equipment in their installations.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Leeds City Council’s deputy leader and executive member for economy, culture and education, said: “Each year, Light Night sets the standard for culture in Leeds, transforming some of the city’s best loved locations and bringing thousands of people together to enjoy a spectacle which is truly unlike any other.

“Light Night also typifies the unique capacity of the arts to unite people of all ages, from all walks of life in celebration of an experience which is beautiful, engaging and inspiring.

“The impact Light Night has on our local businesses and economy and its role in massively raising the profile of the city can also not be underestimated. As our LEEDS 2023 Year of Culture enters its final phase, Light Night has one again been an outstanding showcase for Leeds which city can be proud of.”

Light Night Leeds continues this evening (Friday, Oct 13). For the full programme details, visit: Light Night Leeds Website and follow Light Night Leeds on social media.