ITV Studios has announced today, at MIPCOM, the gripping thriller “After The Flood,” penned by the acclaimed screenwriter Mick Ford (known for “Stay Close,” “Living the Dream,” and “The Stranger”). The series is being produced by Quay Street Productions and BritBox International for ITV, and it has secured a pre-sale to FTV in France.

In this six-part series, the mystery unravels when Waterside, a town, is struck by the largest flood in its history. The community bands together to ensure everyone’s safety. Unfortunately, amidst the chaos, three individuals lose their lives. Among them is an unidentified man discovered in a lift located in the basement of an apartment block. The police initially assume that he became trapped as the waters surged. However, the autopsy reveals that he had passed away several days prior. This revelation leads PC Jo Marshall to become consumed with uncovering the truth. How did he end up in the lift? Who placed him there? And why does nobody recognise him?

“After the Flood” is a climate change-infused mystery thriller set in a town constantly threatened by floods, which could potentially expose the deceptive practices of developers and local politicians who engage in green-washing. Fortunes and reputations hang in the balance, but to what lengths have they already gone to safeguard them, and how much further are they willing to go in the future?