Channel 4 has commissioned a new documentary that follows a group of remarkable and courageous women in their quest to find their missing sons, husbands, and brothers amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Titled “Russia’s Lost Sons” (1×60’, w/t), the film offers a profoundly emotional journey captured over the course of a year by a team of independent Russian filmmakers. These women tirelessly seek official assistance to locate their dear ones from largely unresponsive government offices. Simultaneously, they scour morgues and social media platforms for any news and unite to support one another.

The documentary also showcases men who endeavour to document the true count of Russian casualties by visiting cemeteries to catalogue the graves. It includes interviews with fervent Putin supporters who view the invasion as an inevitable move to uphold and expand Russia’s “greatness.”

Evan Williams, executive producer says: “Working together with independent Russian filmmakers, over the course of a year filming with extreme care and sensitivity, Russia’s Lost Sons (w/t) is able to provide a unique, personal portrait of ordinary, but very brave, Russians who in their own way are also victims of Putin’s war.”

“Russia’s Lost Sons” (w/t) is a production by Evan Williams Productions in collaboration with filmmakers from the Russian independent media project ROMB, for Channel 4. Evan Williams serves as both the director and executive producer and the film was commissioned by Nevine Mabro.