The Environment Agency has issued a flood alert for the River Calder and its tributaries, including Hebden Water, within the Upper River Calder catchment. This warning comes as heavy rainfall is forecasted, which is expected to lead to rising river levels and the potential for localized flooding.

Areas at Risk: The areas most susceptible to flooding in this alert include River Calder and its associated tributaries stretching from Todmorden to Brighouse. Low-lying lands adjacent to watercourses are particularly vulnerable. The forecast suggests that these regions could experience flooding from the early hours of Friday, the 20th of October, and may persist due to further heavy rainfall predicted throughout the weekend.

Agency Preparedness: The Environment Agency is fully engaged in monitoring the situation and has established incident rooms to coordinate the response. Officials are continuously observing both rainfall patterns and river levels to provide timely updates and assistance to affected communities.

Safety Precautions: In light of this flood alert, it is strongly advised that individuals avoid using low-lying footpaths and bridges near local watercourses. Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to walk or drive through floodwater, as it poses significant risks to personal safety and could exacerbate the flooding situation.

Action Plan: Residents and businesses in the affected areas are encouraged to enact their flood plans if they have them. Being prepared and having a clear plan can help minimize the potential impacts of flooding on property and safety.

Future Updates: The Environment Agency is committed to keeping the public informed. This message will be updated by 09:00 AM on the 20th of October, 2023, or as the situation develops. For real-time updates and information, please continue to monitor local water levels, stay vigilant, and remain attentive to further warnings and guidance.

Last Updated: 20:55, October 19, 2023

What to Do Next:

  1. Be prepared to act on your flood plan.
  2. Create a flood kit containing essential items such as food, water, medications, and important documents.
  3. Continuously monitor local water levels.
  4. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for further warning updates from the Environment Agency.

The safety of residents and the protection of property are of paramount importance during this flood alert. Please take the necessary precautions and stay informed to ensure the safety and well-being of yourself and your community.