BBC Children’s has announced an impressive lineup of new titles set to debut on the UK’s cherished children’s TV channels, CBeebies and CBBC.

The list of fresh commissions is brimming with homegrown talent, featuring a range of beloved animated favourites. This includes the multi-award-winning hit animation from Studio AKA and BBC Studios Kids & Family, “Hey Duggee,” returning for its fifth series. Additionally, fans can look forward to the all-new “Hey Duggee’s Squirrel Club,” which brings cherished characters from the original series to the screen in an exciting new format, encouraging viewers at home to be part of the Squirrel Club.

For pre-schoolers, there’s the introduction of “Mojo Swoptops,” produced by Blue Zoo and Tararaboom. This series features a unique vehicle named Mojo, equipped with a ‘cardrobe’ of swoptops, allowing her to find imaginative solutions to the challenges faced by her local community in the town of Swopsea.

CBeebies audiences will also be treated to brand-new animated adventures like “Rafi the Wishing Wizard.” This series delves into the life of an apparently ordinary family who, in reality, are an extraordinary household of modern-day wizards. The production comes courtesy of BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions.

Older children can anticipate the return of the groundbreaking series “A Kind of Spark,” produced by 9 Story Media Group. This series continues to lead the way in representing neurodiversity both in its cast and crew, a fact recognized by its recent nomination at the RTS North West awards.

Furthermore, the much-awaited revival of the iconic “Odd Squad” is on the horizon. A co-production between Sinking Ship Entertainment and BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions, the new series, “Odd Squad UK,” unfolds in a fresh world of oddness, featuring a predominantly British cast, all filmed exclusively in the UK.

Children and parents alike will delight in the reimagining of the beloved children’s books, “The Famous Five,” presented in three feature-length episodes. The first of these, directed by Tim Kirby, is scheduled for broadcast during the festive period, promising to bring families together to enjoy these classic stories retold for a new generation. This series follows five intrepid young explorers as they encounter treacherous, action-packed adventures, and is produced by Moonage Pictures and byNWR Originals, in co-production with ZDF in Germany.

For animation enthusiasts, BBC Ignite is set to return with a second round of funding opportunities for the UK animation industry, aiming to bring fresh, bold, and innovative ideas to life for audiences across CBBC.

Patricia Hidalgo says: “The BBC is one of the biggest investors of quality children’s programming across all genres. From more Numberblocks, a Hey Duggee spin-off to a new series of A Kind of Spark, our latest commissions demonstrate our commitment to providing home-grown, relevant programming to the millions of children across the UK we entertain and educate every day.”


The Blocks universe is set to expand over the next four years, thanks to BBC Children’s and Education’s investment in multiple series within the franchise. Produced by Alphablocks Ltd and Blue Zoo animation studios, this endeavor includes a second series of Colourblocks, further series of both Numberblocks and Alphablocks, along with the brand-new title “Thinkingblocks,” which introduces coding to a preschool audience.

“Hey Duggee,” from Studio AKA and BBC Studios Kids & Family, continues to chronicle the adventures of the affable canine and the Squirrels: Roly the hippopotamus, Norrie the mouse, Happy the crocodile, Tag the rhinoceros, and Betty the octopus, as they embark on adventures in the Clubhouse, learning new skills and earning badges. This highly popular series, which has garnered half a billion streams on iPlayer and counting, returns for its fifth series, alongside the debut of the spin-off “Hey Duggee’s Squirrel Club.”

“Hey Duggee’s Squirrel Club,” also from Studio AKA and BBC Studios Kids & Family, introduces a fresh format, inviting viewers at home to be a part of the Squirrel Club, while showcasing beloved characters from the original series.

“Mojo Swoptops,” a new animated series from producers Blue Zoo and Tararaboom, stars Mojo, a vehicle with a unique ability – she can transform into anything and everything at the swop of a top. With her innovative approach to problem-solving, Mojo replaces predictable outcomes with exciting adventures, imparting learning and laughter along the way. Accompanied by her best friend, Bo the mechanic, Mojo infuses every challenge with curiosity and a mischievous sense of fun.

“Olga da Polga Series Two,” from Maramedia, continues the escapades of Michael Bond’s endearing guinea pig heroine, Olga da Polga, and her animal companions, including the new addition Daisy the guinea pig. Their tales unfold in this humorous, vibrant, and heartwarming show.

“Rafi The Wishing Wizard” is a new series from BBC Studios Kids & Family. This family sitcom is set in an ordinary town, on an ordinary street – but this is no ordinary family. Rafi and her two Dads are extraordinary because they are a family of modern-day wizards. Rafi, a spirited 7-year-old with her very first wishing wand, much like the CBeebies audience, is learning to manage her magic.


“A Kind of Spark,” a heartwarming tale of friendship, courage, and self-belief based on the book by Elle McNicoll, continues to narrate the inspiring story of Addie, a neurodivergent teenage girl. After successfully persuading her town to install a witch memorial, Addie is determined to make her world a better place. However, as she grapples with people’s expectations, Addie realizes that aiding people in the present day can be more intricate than honouring those from the past.

” Famous Five” reimagines Enid Blyton’s classic children’s books in three feature-length episodes. The series follows five adventurous young explorers as they encounter perilous, action-packed escapades, extraordinary mysteries, unparalleled danger, and astounding secrets in an unforgettable journey that underscores the power of camaraderie among these fearless young heroes. Produced by Moonage Pictures and byNWR Originals, in co-production with German ZDF.

“Odd Squad UK,” now filmed in Manchester, is a co-production between Sinking Ship Entertainment and BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions. It reintroduces the beloved high-tech organization, run by a group of smart and spirited kids, that investigates all things strange, peculiar, and, most importantly, odd.

“Pickle Storm” is a comedy series produced by Black Dog Television, chronicling the thrilling escapades of 9-year-old Pickle Storm. Forced to flee her fantasy world of Kleftania – a realm of magic, dragons, and warriors – she seeks refuge in the everyday UK town of Middlington.