The town centre of Elland is on the brink of a significant transformation, heralding a new era for the market area and the creation of a fresh community focal point. This development is part of a £6 million initiative facilitated by Calderdale Council.

Through the Future High Streets Fund, the council is dedicated to forging a prosperous future for Elland. This comprehensive plan encompasses the enhancement of public spaces, the revitalisation of key shopping districts, and the establishment of novel community amenities and natural features. The ultimate goal is to craft a dynamic environment that caters to the needs of residents, enterprises, and visitors alike.

Recently, the council has enlisted the services of Eric Wright Civil Engineering to undertake the revitalisation of the town centre’s aesthetic appeal. Concurrently, Code Building Solutions has taken charge of the Cartwheel Club’s modernisation.

Currently, the Code Building Solutions team is diligently working on-site at the Cartwheel Club, while Eric Wright Civil Engineering is gearing up to commence construction in October 2023, focusing on Market Square, the high street, and Southgate.

At the Cartwheel Club, roofing operations and repointing have already commenced, with surveys underway and the interior of the building stripped down in preparation for the installation of new amenities in a comprehensive overhaul. The subsequent phases will involve the construction of a lateral extension, the installation of an accessible lift, and the finalization of the roofing and interior of the new building.

In anticipation of the market’s transformation, the Friday outdoor market will temporarily relocate from Market Square, temporarily setting up shop just around the corner in the Upper Timber Street car park from Friday 6th October for roughly three months. The familiar convivial atmosphere of the open market will persist in its interim locale, offering the same beloved array of goods spanning from edibles and stationery to infant clothing and jewellery.

Following the completion of the renovations, traders will return to the freshly rejuvenated Market Square. This revamped space will feature an appealing new garden area with ample seating for relaxation and socialising, as well as new local stone paving and anchor points for market stalls. The layout will also be more versatile, simplifying trading and shopping activities.

The addition of new trees and greenery around the market will contribute to the area’s rejuvenated ambience and align with climate-conscious efforts. Elizabeth Street will transition to a one-way system, bolstering safety for market visitors and affording traders greater space for transporting their wares.

At the heart of the high street, enhancements will be made to signage, lighting, and the overall environment to instil a greater sense of safety and aesthetic appeal. Traffic restrictions will be implemented on the main shopping thoroughfare to enhance air quality and create a more pleasurable pedestrian experience. Additionally, trees will be planted along the street.

Throughout the duration of the town centre improvement project, the Lower Timber Street car park will be closed to facilitate the secure storage of construction vehicles and equipment.

Cllr Sarah Courtney, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Towns, Tourism and Voluntary Sector, said; “The rebirth of this great market town is a longstanding ambition. It contributes to our priority for thriving towns and places and complements the many other regeneration projects ongoing throughout Calderdale.

“It’s exciting to see work underway to develop Elland as a destination, where businesses can flourish and people spend more time, shop, work, meet others and live healthier, more active lives.

“Elland is full of history – its market has been there for over 700 years. We want to make the most of its heritage whilst bringing it up-to-date to give people what they need from a town centre.”