Production has commenced for the third instalment of Diane Morgan’s “Mandy,” a BBC Studios Comedy Production. Once again, Diane takes on the roles of writer, director, and lead actress in the series. She will be joined by familiar and fresh faces, renowned and lesser-known, towering and petite.

Mandy, the nation’s champion of the zero-hours economy, is back for another round of subtly confrontational escapades. This time, she grapples with her own personal struggles related to the cost of living, taking on a series of short-lived, poorly conceived, and meagrely-paid jobs.

Mandy’s constant companion and confidante, Lola, portrayed by Michelle Greenidge (Code 404), returns to stand by her side. Together, they navigate the challenges on the path to Mandy’s ultimate aspiration – a life filled with prize-winning Doberman pinchers and magic eye pictures adorning every wall.

New additions to the cast for the third series include Paul Ready (Motherland), Beverley Callard (Coronation Street), Nathan Foad (Our Flag Means Death), and Robbie Gee (Black Ops).

Reprising their roles for the third series are Tom Basden (Here We Go), Mark Silcox (Man Like Mobeen), Roger Sloman (Nuts in May), Alistair Green (The Great), Michael Spicer (The Room Next Door), Jackie Clune (Motherland), and Yuriko Kotani (Pls Like).

Diane Morgan says: “All the quotes used in TV Press releases like this are written by Chat GPT now. This one certainly is. When you’re writing and directing and performing in something you can’t waste time thinking of some pointless quote just to show off. No one reads beyond the first words anyway; because they just repetitively say how thrilled and excited everyone is. No one’s reading this now, are they? Only a fool would do that. Come on, there must be a book you could be reading now instead of this nonsense.”

Josh Cole, Head of Comedy at BBC Studios says: “We are thrilled and excited to be returning to Mandy with the peerless Diane Morgan.”

“Mandy” (6 x 15′) is a collaborative effort between BBC Studios Comedy and Witchcraft Industries, written, directed, and led by Diane Morgan. The series was commissioned for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer by Jon Petrie, Director of BBC Comedy Commissioning. Kenny Tanner serves as the producer, with Ben Caudell as the Executive Producer. Seb Barwell is the Commissioning Editor for the BBC. BBC Studios handles international distribution for all three series of “Mandy.”