The government has announced a £20 million boost for Dewsbury! This funding is part of the government’s new ‘Long-Term Plan’ and will benefit Dewsbury, along with numerous other towns across the UK. The aim of this funding is to provide local authorities with greater certainty to undertake long-term projects over the next decade. It is also intended to facilitate real change that addresses the specific needs and priorities of the local area and communities.

This funding complements the existing Towns Fund, a government initiative of £3.6 billion aimed at assisting towns in overcoming growth obstacles, stimulating the local economy, and enhancing the lives of residents. Kirklees Council received £25 million from the Towns Fund in 2021, which will be used to implement the Dewsbury Blueprint in the years ahead.

While some aspects of the Dewsbury Blueprint are already underway, others are still in the planning stages as the council strives to ensure the best value for large-scale projects. This funding has the potential to bring about a significant positive impact.

The exact allocation of the funding has yet to be determined by the council. The allocation process will involve close collaboration with the Dewsbury Town Deal Board, established by the council when they initially received funding for Dewsbury in 2021.

In addition to their role in blueprint planning, the board’s purpose is to provide a local perspective on the Dewsbury Blueprint. Each member is either a resident, a business owner, or a prominent public figure in the area. This positions them perfectly to represent the local community and assist in making these crucial decisions.

Councillor Cathy Scott, Leader of Kirklees Council, says; “This funding is tremendous news for the future of Dewsbury. Our blueprint plans perfectly align with the government’s intentions for the funding, which are to improve and future-proof local areas by approaching development opportunities from every possible angle.

“We’re just a short time after receiving the news, so exactly how this funding will contribute to our plans for Dewsbury is yet to be decided. But we’ll be working closely with the Dewsbury Town Deal Board and with the government to make sure that this money brings the best possible value to the town.

“We’ve been working tirelessly in recent years to make sure the Dewsbury Blueprint will live up to our high aspirations for the town centre, and with current financial constraints – not just for our council but nationally – it’s more important than ever that we do our due diligence when putting this funding to good use, and that we continue to really focus on what will bring the greatest benefit to local people.

“As a resident of Dewsbury myself, I know it has huge potential as a prosperous and vibrant town, where people love to live, work and visit. This funding will hugely help us on our way to realising that potential.”

Keith Ramsay, Chair of the Dewsbury Town Deal Board, says; “We’re really excited to hear that the government are almost doubling their investment in Dewsbury. This will potentially allow us, as a board, to implement more of our fantastic ideas for the town’s improvement. It could also allow us to better sustain more of our existing plans, which is absolutely crucial – because throughout this work we’re focusing on the future of the town and those who’ll enjoy it for many, many years to come.

“The board will meet in the coming weeks to start discussing how this funding will be allocated. We couldn’t be more delighted, and I know this will help us realise our vision for the town we all love so much.”