Cliffe Castle is set to host a talk delving into the intriguing history of underwear on Saturday, 14th October. The discussion, held at the venue run by Bradford Council, will encompass the reasons behind, the methods of wearing, and the timelines associated with various undergarments. It will feature visual aids from the museum’s extensive collections.

Commencing with an examination of the rationale for donning undergarments, the talk will progress to explore how underwear has been utilised to shape our figures and create distinct silhouettes. It will also touch upon its role in preserving the cleanliness of our outer garments and enhancing our sensory experiences.

The audience will be taken on a journey through the romanticism of the 1830s, the innovations and aspirations of the 1850s, the rigidity of the 1890s, the emancipation of the 1930s, and the foundations of the 1950s.

Narratives of adversity will be interwoven with revelations, intriguing nuggets of information, and an opportunity to closely inspect genuinely exquisite attire.

Dale Keeton, Conservation Officer of Bradford Council’s Museums and Galleries Service, who will be delivering the talk, remarked, “For generations, underwear has remained concealed, yet it stands as one of the most revealing aspects of our attire. It divulges as much about a person’s societal and financial standing as it does about their aspirations and the image they project in the world. It is a tale rich in history, truly captivating. So, come and join us for a delve into granny’s drawers as she unveils her most intimate secrets.”

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “This event on the traditionally taboo but fascinating topic of underwear, is the second in a season of talks each complementing a different collection at Cliffe Castle. The final talk will be about the Victorian Brick Industry in Bradford and Keighley.”

Booking for this talk is imperative. Kindly email or call 01535 618231 to secure your spot.