Halloween is set to become much spookier for audiences all over the UK with the debut of the new CBBC show, Spooky Files. This fresh series, comprising 10 episodes of 24 minutes each, offers a fun-filled adventure into the common childhood experience of fears, infused with a comedic touch.

Spooky Files will be accessible on the CBBC channel and BBC iPlayer starting from Monday, 23rd October.

When supernatural beings, affectionately dubbed ‘Spookies’, begin to manifest in the quaint Australian town of Sunny Valley, the dedicated Spooky enthusiast, Bert, is overjoyed. He gathers the ‘Spooky Crew’, which includes his closest pal and gadget expert, Xena, his effortlessly cool quasi-stepsister, Billie, and Derek, their school’s sports captain – a ‘secret agent’ of sorts who keeps his Spooky beliefs concealed. Their objective: to apprehend the ‘Spookies’, unravel their origins, and securely return them to their ‘home’ – wherever that may be!

The series seamlessly weaves together contemporary personalities with nostalgic elements from the 80s and 90s, incorporating elements of mystery, humour, sentimentality, and just the right dose of fright. Each episode introduces a fresh Spooky surprise, ranging from an enormous flying clown head to a punk rock truth-telling fairy, and even a Fart Blob.

Spooky Files was crafted by the acclaimed writers, Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes, who are recipients of the International Emmy award. The production is helmed by Tony Ayres Productions (TAP) and Megaboom Pictures for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the BBC. TAP is supported by Matchbox Pictures and Universal International Studios, a branch of Universal Studio Group. The series was commissioned for CBBC by the Senior Head of Commissioning 7+, Sarah Muller, and overseen by Paul Watters. Aubrey Clarke holds the position of Commissioning Executive for the BBC. The Executive Producers are Tony Ayres and Andrea Denholm for TAP, and Margaret Ross for the ABC. The series received substantial production funding from Screen Australia and was financially supported by VicScreen. NBCUniversal Global Distribution is responsible for international sales.

Sarah Muller, Senior Head of Commissioning 7+, CBBC, says: “Storytelling that captures children’s imagination and helps to make sense of the world around them has always been crucial to us at CBBC, and why we’re thrilled to launch Spooky Files this Halloween. The brand-new series provides a delightful mix of nostalgia and laughter with every spooky surprise. It’s the perfect Halloween treat and we’re excited to bring children and family audiences across the UK along on the adventure to capture the Spookies!”

Andrea Denholm, Executive Producer and Head of Development for Tony Ayres Productions, says: “The team who created Spooky Files is passionate about making content that connects with children and we are delighted to be partnering with CBBC to bring Spooky Files to families in the UK this Halloween. We can’t wait to introduce kids and their families to the Spooky Crew and Sunny Valley’s wonderful array of spooky characters. Filled with fun, mystery and sprinkled with scares, children and grown-ups will enjoy this original series that celebrates the imagination and curiosity of childhood.”

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