The redevelopment of Jacobs Well roundabout, a crucial aspect of the Bradford City Centre Walking and Cycling Improvements Scheme, is currently in progress.

The roundabout, along with its subways, is being filled in to establish a new ‘super crossing’ as a key component of Bradford Council’s ambitious initiative to enhance the city centre. This encompasses the creation of traffic-free zones, along with fresh pathways and amenities for public transportation, walking, and cycling.

The upcoming super crossing will link the city centre to the vicinity surrounding the National Science and Media Museum (currently closed for a £6 million refurbishment), Bradford Live (undergoing transformation into a 3,800-capacity venue), the renowned Alhambra Theatre, and areas surrounding the college and university.

With Hall Ings set to evolve into a new traffic-free linear park, the need for a roundabout at Jacobs Well will be eliminated.

The preliminary work on the subway has recently concluded, involving the sealing off and filling of subterranean passages, as well as the removal of existing drainage systems and wiring.

The construction crew is now utilising locally sourced recycled materials crafted from crushed concrete, brick, and stone. These are layered and compacted to fill the space and establish a robust foundation for the future road surface of the new supercrossing.

In order to ensure the safety of the work, a number of lane closures around the roundabout are imperative while machinery is operational on site.

The mermaid sculpture that was situated in the subway section of the roundabout has been securely relocated and is currently in storage, awaiting a new suitable location.

In early 2024, efforts will commence to pedestrianise Hall Ings. Fresh pedestrian and cyclist routes, along with additional seating areas and landscaping, will supplant the majority of the existing road space. These alterations will significantly enhance the sense of arrival in the city centre for both visitors and commuters.

Anticipated completion of these aspects of the scheme is set for 2025, with a substantial portion of the work already underway.

This endeavour is being spearheaded by Bradford Council in collaboration with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, with funding facilitated through the Leeds City Region Transforming Cities Fund (TCF).

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning, and Transport, stated: “The filling in of the subways at Jacobs Well roundabout marks a significant milestone in the program of works being carried out as part of the Transforming Cities Fund project. This project constitutes the most extensive revitalisation of the city centre in decades, crafting fresh, open, traffic-free spaces to render it safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable for people to navigate between the shopping and entertainment districts. While the magnitude of construction activities implies that delays in journeys through the city centre are inevitable, particularly during peak hours, the end result will undoubtedly be worthwhile.”

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