Bradford Hospitals Charity is delighted to reveal a significant milestone in its journey: a fresh, new identity.

This rebranding signifies the charity’s dedication to adapting alongside the shifting healthcare landscape and ensuring it continues to have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients, families, and our healthcare professionals in Bradford and beyond.

The decision to rebrand comes after careful consideration of our mission, values, and the changing needs of the healthcare sector. The forthcoming strategy involves expansion, with the recruitment of professional and devoted fundraising personnel, allowing us to augment our income for future projects.

Charity Director, Sharon Milner, said; “Over the years, we have witnessed remarkable medical care advancements, patient expectations changes, and the emergence of new technologies. In response to these shifts, we felt it was time to refresh our brand to better align with our vision and mission for the future.

“Our new brand was made possible due to an NHS Charities Together (CT) development grant awarded to Bradford Hospitals Charity. The NHS CT grant has enabled us to strengthen and modernise our work. For example, our new website will help us work more effectively with our present and future donors.”

Key aspects of the rebranding initiative encompass:

Modernised logo and visual identity: our new logo embodies a modern and dynamic ethos, blending authenticity with professionalism. It represents our dedication to enhancing healthcare outcomes while embracing the future.

Updated mission and values: we have refined our mission to mirror our commitment to advancing patient-centred care and our readiness to support staff and enhance healthcare services and environments whenever possible.

Improved communication: our rebrand will enable us to communicate more efficiently with our supporters, partners, and the community. We will continue to share stories of hope, progress, and the impact of our work in a more engaging and professional manner.

Expansion of our scope of work: as part of our growth commitment, we intend to expand our team to enable us to implement more initiatives addressing emerging healthcare needs in Bradford and the surrounding areas.

Sharon further added; “We are excited to embark on this journey with our supporters, partners, and the Bradford community.

“The rebranding process has been a collaborative endeavour, and we are immensely thankful to our dedicated staff, who have supported us throughout this transformation. As we look ahead, Bradford Hospitals Charity remains resolute in our mission to make a positive difference in healthcare. We are confident that our rebranding will empower us to do even more for our community, patients, and staff.”