A car dealership in Bradford is enhancing the driving experience by offering two well-known in-car apps at no cost.

Ray Chapman Motors Bradford, located on Canal Road, is broadening the range of apps available to Bradford drivers by introducing Prime Video and YouTube in cars equipped with Google integration.

These two streaming apps promise to make journeys more enjoyable, providing entertainment options while waiting, recharging, or simply taking a moment to oneself. They will offer a full selection of music and movies, all accessible through Volvo’s convenient entertainment hub.

Maintaining the safety of drivers and passengers as a top priority, access to video streaming will only be possible when the car is completely stationary. This ensures that you can relax, unwind, and enjoy without any distractions.

Mark Gooseman, Group Sales Manager at Ray Chapman Motors Bradford, said: “We’re delighted to be offering in-car Prime Video and YouTube to Bradford drivers. These new additions provide easy access to two of the most popular streaming services – all without having to leave the comfort of your seat. We’re sure those stoppages in your journey will now be the most eagerly anticipated element of any trip.

“We’d like to invite Bradford drivers to come along to Ray Chapman Motors Bradford and speak to our team of experts to learn more about the growing range of infotainment apps available in our latest range of Volvo cars.”

For additional information about Ray Chapman Motors Bradford, please visit raychapmanmotors.co.uk or call 01274 802999.