In Queensbury, a vehicle implicated in numerous fly-tipping incidents has been apprehended by officers from Bradford Council’s Environmental Enforcement Team, with support from West Yorkshire Police’s Operation Steerside Team.

The red Ford Transit tipper van was confiscated in the Low Moor area of the Bradford district on Wednesday, 25th October.

Over the past two months, the Council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers have received numerous complaints regarding the vehicle depositing waste illegally in the Queensbury area on multiple occasions.

A motorist’s dash cam captured footage of building, renovation, and construction waste being dumped from the vehicle onto a layby on a country lane. These details were subsequently forwarded to the council.

Initial efforts to pinpoint the vehicle’s location were hindered as it was suspected to be using false number plates.

After conducting intelligence operations at various addresses, the council’s Enforcement Officers eventually located the vehicle, seizing it with the assistance of West Yorkshire Police, the Council’s Highways Enforcement Team, and the van was confiscated.

Councillor Sarah Ferriby Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “This once again shows that collaborative working by both our Environmental and Highways Enforcement Teams as well as with West Yorkshire Police, has enabled prompt and decisive action to be taken to take this vehicle off the road and to disrupt the illegal waste activities of those involved.

“Our investigation is ongoing and we’re asking the registered keeper of the vehicle to make themselves known, to assist in our enquiries.

“We would like to thank members of the public for their assistance in sharing their dash cam footage with us in this case.”

If the vehicle is determined to be unfit for road use or lacks resale value, it will be crushed.

Individuals who witness fly-tipping are urged to document as many details as possible, including dates, times, vehicle registration numbers, and location, and report it to the council.

Furthermore, if anyone possesses dash cam or CCTV footage of fly-tipping incidents, they are encouraged to share it with the council to assist in the identification and prosecution of illegal waste carriers and fly-tippers plaguing the Bradford District.

For additional information, or to report witnessed fly-tipping with pertinent information or CCTV footage, kindly visit the council’s website at or call 01274 431000.