The BBC has unveiled the initial trailer for the upcoming instalment of the popular crime drama Shetland, featuring Ashley Jensen in her series debut as Detective Inspector Ruth Calder, alongside Alison O’Donnell. This acclaimed series, produced by Silverprint Pictures (a part of ITV Studios) for the BBC, is set to return to BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Wednesday 1 November for a six-week run.

Originally adapted from the award-winning novels of crime writer Ann Cleeves, the new series follows Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector Ruth Calder (portrayed by Ashley Jensen) as she returns to her native Shetland to retrieve a vulnerable witness to a gangland murder. Meanwhile, Tosh (Alison O’Donnell) must temporarily halt her investigation into a series of enigmatic animal deaths to assist Calder in locating the witness before it’s too late.

Yet, Calder’s animosity towards Shetland will challenge Tosh’s perception of her adopted homeland. Their journey into the shadowy depths of Shetland’s history and present will put this delicate new partnership to the test.

The eighth series of Shetland welcomes new additions to the cast, including Phyllis Logan (known for “Guilt” and “Downton Abbey”), Jamie Sives (featured in “Guilt” and “Annika”), Dawn Steele (noted for “Holby City” and “Granite Harbour”), Don Gilet (recognized for “EastEnders” and “Sherwood”), Ann Louise Ross (known for “River City” and “Katie Morag”), and Lorraine McIntosh (featured in “Outlander” and “My Name is Joe”). The guest cast will join the established cast members such as Steven Robertson (as DC Sandy Wilson), Lewis Howden (Sgt Billy McCabe), Anne Kidd (Cora McLean), Angus Miller (Donnie), Conor McCarry (PC Alex Grant), and Eubha Akilade (PC Lorna Burns).

Shetland has garnered a massive following on BBC One and iPlayer, with the previous series averaging 7.2 million viewers throughout its run (a 30-day all-screens figure).

Paul Logue leads the writing team for the new series of Shetland, alongside Denise Paul and Vivienne Harvey. The series is produced by Louise V Say and directed by Andy Newbery and Giulia Gandini. The executive producers are Gaynor Holmes for the BBC, and Kate Bartlett and Denise Paul for Silverprint Pictures.