BAFTA and RTS award-winning star of “Am I Being Unreasonable?”, “Doctor Who”, and “Dodger” is set to become the first child presenter of a charity event filled with excitement.

At just 14 years old, he has already achieved remarkable success, securing a BAFTA for Leading Male Performance this year and earning the RTS Breakthrough Award. Today, BBC Studios is delighted to announce that Lenny Rush will be joining the presenting team for BBC Children in Need 2023.

Lenny says: “It’s an honour and a thrill to be the first child presenter for Children in Need- I can’t wait to feel the buzz of a live show and to help raise money for children and young people across the UK facing disadvantages. I’m so excited and look forward to all of you joining me from 7pm on Friday the 17th of November!”

Expressing his enthusiasm, Lenny says: “It’s a tremendous honour and an exhilarating experience to be the inaugural child presenter for Children in Need. I can’t wait to feel the energy of a live show and contribute to raising funds for children and young people across the UK who are facing challenges. I’m absolutely thrilled and eagerly anticipate all of you joining me from 7pm on Friday, the 17th of November!”

BBC Children in Need, a beloved fixture in the viewing calendar, returns with a three-hour extravaganza designed to captivate the nation while generating support for children and young people throughout the UK.

The presenters will lead viewers through an evening of dazzling entertainment, featuring a packed programme of sketches, music, performances, and surprises from some of the nation’s most cherished stars. Further details on the sketches will be unveiled in due course.

Peter Davey, Executive Producer said: “We are all thrilled to have Lenny join us live on the night. The Children in Need audience fell in love with him when he took over the “Celebrity Call Centre” brilliantly in last year’s sketch – so getting him back to host for his first time this year is the next logical step.”

The funds raised through BBC Children in Need’s 2023 Appeal will make a significant impact in helping children and young people overcome the additional challenges they currently face. This includes supporting those living in poverty, providing emergency assistance to families in crisis, offering solace to children experiencing sadness and loneliness, aiding children in the fight against social injustice, and helping them regain a sense of safety and security.

Throughout the night, appeal films will feature some of the children and young people whose lives have been transformed through the support of BBC Children in Need, as well as the dedicated project workers who tirelessly assist them.

Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment Commissioning, commissioned BBC Children in Need. Jo Wallace serves as the Senior Commissioning Editor for the BBC. The Executive Producers are Peter Davey and Andrew Cartmell, with Adam Wydrzynski as the Series Producer for BBC Studios.