The immensely popular music-driven comedy featuring Andy (Andy Day) and his bandmates, the Odd Socks, is set to make a return to CBBC and iPlayer with twenty more jam-packed episodes starting from Monday, November 13. This time, Andy and the Band face their most significant challenge yet – the task of saving Planet Rock! However, when it involves the Odd Socks, things are never as straightforward as they seem, leading to the expected hilarity.

Joining the ride is the band’s fresh-faced manager, Emerald, portrayed by the teenage drumming sensation and global internet phenomenon, Nandi Bushell, in her inaugural lead acting role. Showcasing that Andy and the Odd Socks are the sought-after stars of the sock ‘n’ roll world, there will be guest appearances by the renowned rocker turned children’s TV star, Sir Brian May; Pussycat Doll and presenter, Kimberly Wyatt; the legendary Lioness, Ella Toone; comedy actor, Nina Wadia; and the cherished TV chef, Rustie Lee.

In this third series, Planet Rock faces a crisis due to the scarcity of authentic rock music originating from Earth, a matter of grave concern for the Godfather of Rock, Sir Brian May. He believes that the solution lies with Andy and the Odd Socks and their impending Battle of the Bands competition. However, his goddaughter, Emerald (Nandi Bushell), is already one step ahead, making her way to Earth in her rock pod to lend a hand. Can Emerald assist our heroes in emerging victorious at the Battle of the Bands, despite the cunning competition from Sandy and the Same Socks? The future of rock hangs in the balance (no pressure!).

Meanwhile, Andy and the Band must still attend to the everyday demands of their family, fans, and friends. From being drawn into a computer game to staging a fictitious court case, investigating the theft of prized vegetables to halting a time-travelling pirate in his tracks, no task is too peculiar for the Odd Socks as they embark on a multitude of musical missions.

Andy Day says: “We’re back with more mayhem, more epic oddsocky tunes, great guest stars and more cheesy puffs for Whiff! This series there is a narrative that runs through all of the episodes which reaches an explosive crescendo at the end when we HAVE to win the Battle of the Bands because the future of rock depends on it! Do we do it? You’ll have to watch and see!”

Nandi Bushell, who rose to prominence after jamming with Lenny Kravitz and appearing on stage with rock royalty The Foo Fighters, says: “I have never performed a speaking acting role before so playing Emerald in Andy and the Band was the perfect first role for me. Working with Brian May was a dream come true! He is genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. He let me play his guitar and gave me a few lessons when we were on set and made me feel really special.”

Dubbed as the “modern-day Monkees,” the zany musicians Andy and the Odd Socks (Andy on vocals, Rio on guitar, Moxy on drums, Blu on bass, and Cousin Mac on keyboard) have captured the hearts and minds of both children and adults alike since their debut during the lockdown.

The band has rocked countless venues across the country, including notable appearances at Glastonbury, Bestival, and the Eurovision Village in Liverpool. As advocates for Anti-Bullying Week and Odd Socks Day (commencing November 13), they continue to spread the message of inclusivity and respect, encouraging children to embrace their uniqueness.

Executive production for Andy and the Band is overseen by Tamsin Skan and Jon Turner, with Lucy Pryke representing the BBC. The production is crafted by Ninja Pig Productions for the BBC.