Residents of Yorkshire and Humber who have been experiencing a persistent cough for three weeks or longer are being urged to reach out to their GP practice for crucial examinations, as part of an NHS initiative.

The “Help Us, Help You” campaign by NHS England employs television, radio, online advertisements, and social media to raise awareness about the primary symptoms of lung cancer. The adverts showcase individuals with a lingering cough, aiming to prompt those undergoing this symptom to contact their GP practice.

According to NHS data, over 4,000 individuals in Yorkshire and Humber receive a lung cancer diagnosis annually.

Dr Faisel Baig, the region’s Medical Director for Primary Care, said the newly launched campaign reminds people with a long-standing cough, and their loved ones, not to be complacent, and encourages them to get checked out.

“A cough is a common symptom for many things, but when you have a cough that doesn’t go away after three weeks or more, it could be a sign of cancer,” said Dr Baig, who is a GP in North Lincolnshire.

“Whenever anyone notices anything unusual about their bodies that they’re worried could be cancer, it’s vital they take action by contacting their GP practice.

“It’s likely nothing to be too worried about, but – if it does turn out to be cancer – the earlier it is diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. Remember, your NHS wants to see you.”

In addition to a persistent cough lasting three weeks or more, other symptoms of lung cancer encompass:

Repeated chest infections.

Coughing up blood.

A long-standing cough that exacerbates.

Discomfort or pain while breathing or coughing.

Sustained breathlessness.

Prolonged fatigue or a lack of energy.

Reduced appetite or unexplained weight loss.

For further details on the signs and symptoms of cancer, please refer to the NHS website.