Since their appointment, the administrators have maintained a close working relationship with Wilko, its employees, and suppliers. They have also carefully reviewed numerous diverse bids and expressions of interest related to the Group. While ongoing discussions are taking place with potential buyers interested in acquiring specific parts of the business, it has become evident that none of the proposed offer structures includes the entire Group.

Consequently, it has become necessary to evaluate the staffing requirements at Wilko’s Support Centre in Worksop and its distribution centres in Worksop and Newport. Regrettably, we must announce the difficult decision to make 269 team members at the Support Centre redundant, effective from the close of business on Monday, 4th September. Further redundancies will occur at the two distribution centres early next week, with the exact numbers to be confirmed.

Additionally, no viable offers have been received for Kin Limited (Kin), a subsidiary of Wilkinson Hardware Stores Ltd (WHSL). Therefore, the company must cease its operations, resulting in the unfortunate redundancy of its 14 employees, also effective from the close of business on Monday, 4th September.

The dedicated employee team appointed by the administration will continue to collaborate with the HR and payroll departments to provide support to affected team members during this challenging period. This includes assistance in navigating the statutory redundancy claims process with the Redundancy Payments Service.

A dedicated helpline will remain in operation to address any queries employees may have regarding the process, and the company’s support systems, which provide access to further advice and resources, will remain active.

The administrators will maintain close communication with the government, agencies, unions, and prominent employers to explore opportunities for alternative employment for the affected staff.