“The Secret Genius of Modern Life” is back on our screens, featuring Professor Hannah Fry as she delves into the mysteries of modern technology to unveil the captivating stories behind everyday objects we often take for granted.

In this golden age of technology, we seldom pause to contemplate the marvels that surround us. From household appliances boasting speeds faster than F1 cars, to smart devices rivalling supercomputers, our homes and pockets are brimming with gadgets and inventions that, a mere two decades ago, would have seemed like the stuff of science fiction. They’ve seamlessly integrated into our lives, their ingenuity often overlooked.

Building on the resounding success of the first series, which garnered acclaim from both viewers and critics, accumulating millions of views on social media as well as on BBC Two and iPlayer, Hannah once again guides us on an in-depth journey to unveil the incredible, and at times amusing, tales behind modern-day technology.

Each episode dissects a different piece of technology, offering exclusive access to major technology firms like Samsung and Dyson, and featuring conversations with some of the foremost innovators worldwide. In the second series of “The Secret Genius of Modern Life,” Hannah reveals:

How apprehending a 19th-century French serial killer contributed to shaping modern-day passport control.

The pivotal component in vacuum cleaners designed for a clandestine atomic bomb lab.
How a sermon by a Mormon preacher played a crucial role in the evolution of today’s headphones.

How South Korean sausages provided fresh insights into the inner workings of our smartphones.

As a Professor of Mathematics, Hannah has spent years collaborating with engineers, physicists, and computer scientists to fathom how technology molds our lives.

Hannah says: “We are living through a golden age of technology and yet we’ve forgotten to remember how clever the objects we surround ourselves with are. Behind everything that you touch and everything that you see someone had to come up with that idea and this is a show about those people and their incredible innovations that make modern life possible”.

Executive Producer Paul Overton said: “It’s staggering what technology can now do and yet most of us have no idea how any of it works or where it came from. We’re delighted to be demystifying the amazing science behind more everyday objects and uncovering their incredible origin stories. And Hannah Fry is the perfect guide to help make sense of the modern world in both a thought-provoking and fun way.”

Commissioning Editor Tom Coveney said: I can’t think of another programme that combines everything from particle physics to the history of AI and Korean sausages in such an entertaining and insightful manner. I’m excited to see what Hannah and the team have produced.”

“The Secret Genius Of Modern Life,” a series comprising six 60-minute episodes for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer, is produced by BBC Studios Science Unit in collaboration with The Open University. It was commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual. The Executive Producer is Paul Overton, and the Commissioning Editor is Tom Coveney.