Renewable Connections, a leading developer of solar and battery projects in the UK, extends an invitation to landowners and farmers in Bradford and the West Yorkshire region to get in touch. The company is eager to engage with landowners and farmers who may be interested in diversifying their enterprises by hosting a renewable energy project on their land.

Keenan Gratrick, Head of Origination from Renewable Connections said: “Many landowners are looking to diversify their businesses, and we can support them to do this. Typically for a solar or battery site, we would partner with a landowner for 30 to 40 years, which is guaranteed income for the duration of that time. We also design our projects to maximise biodiversity benefits and to enable farmers to continue food production on other parts of their land. And in the case of solar farms, sheep can graze under the solar panels. A win-win for UK energy and food production.”

He added: “We currently work with landowners all over the UK and to date, have had a 100% success rate in gaining planning consent for our solar and battery projects. We believe this is because we’re a responsible developer and we work closely with the local communities we’re active in, to ensure our projects are well designed and appropriate for the site.”

Renewable Connections is interested in conversing with landowners and farmers who meet some or all of the following criteria:

A minimum of 40 acres for solar

One acre for battery

Ideally graded as 3 or lower

Relatively flat terrain

Preferably not in direct view of residential housing

Preferably located near 33KV or 132KV overhead lines, or in proximity to a substation

Ownership, either freehold or leasehold, with the ability to let for 30 years

We would also consider land for purchase

To reach out to Renewable Connections and discuss opportunities for landowner partnerships, please call 020 7749 2650 or email

For further details, visit: