The all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-consuming Taskmaster Greg Davies, along with his exceptionally capable assistant Alex Horne, have returned to their respective thrones as the BAFTA and National Comedy Award-winning Taskmaster premieres at 9 pm on Thursday, 21st September, on Channel 4.

Prepared to challenge a new group of comedians seated on significantly smaller chairs, the apprehensive quintet, who have willingly entrusted their careers to Greg’s gentle hands, include: Julian Clary (Friday Night Live, Channel 4), comedy actor, writer, and stand-up Lucy Beaumont (Meet The Richardsons, Dave), multi-award-winning stand-up Sam Campbell (Bloods, Sky), presenter, writer, and comedian Sue Perkins (Perfectly Legal, Netflix), and actor, writer, and director Susan Wokoma (Cheaters, BBC One).

Week after week, this delightful group will grapple with oversized ducks, concoct fresh sausages, and assemble wide-eyed ensembles in their quest for a word of approval from the Taskmaster. Once the dust settles after 10 demanding episodes, one contestant will emerge from their modest seat to claim the most coveted prize on television: a grand golden head mounted on a small wooden pedestal.