A member of staff from West Yorkshire Police has been sent to prison for fabricating claims in court, where he falsely asserted he was a police officer in an attempt to evade a driving disqualification.

Detention Officer Sharjeel Jelani, aged 34, stationed in the Bradford District, appeared before Sheffield Crown Court on Thursday, 28th September. During the hearing, he pleaded guilty to a charge of perjury.

He received a 14-month prison sentence and a 12-month driving disqualification for the original speeding offence, which will take effect upon his release.

The incident stems from a hearing at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates Court in June 2022 regarding an off-duty speeding incident. Officer Jelani submitted an ‘Exceptional Hardship’ application, asserting that he required his license for his role as a police officer in road traffic patrol and that a disqualification would adversely impact his career.

Following Officer Jelani’s sentencing, it was discovered that erroneous information had been presented to the court. Subsequently, an inquiry was launched by the Force’s Professional Standards Directorate.

Detective Superintendent Tanya Wilkins, of West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Directorate, said: “Honesty and integrity are core values that all police employees should have. Any suggestion that someone employed by the police has lied in criminal proceedings is extremely serious.

“DO Jelani has been suspended from duty since this investigation commenced. He will now be subject to misconduct proceedings.”