‘Predators in Action’ (w/t) is an exhilarating new wildlife series commissioned for National Geographic International. Produced by Bristol-based True To Nature in collaboration with ITV Studios, this six-part series will chronicle the journeys of some of the planet’s most formidable apex predators, such as leopards, grey wolves, and crocodiles. The focus will be on their high-stakes hunts and the myriad factors that influence their success or failure.

By seamlessly blending premium specialist archive footage with cutting-edge VFX techniques, each episode will spotlight a distinct species, offering a moment-by-moment exploration of the predatory traits crucial for navigating their challenging environment.

To vividly depict these predator-prey encounters, a state-of-the-art 3D graphics game engine will be employed to freeze and present pivotal predatory events from multiple angles. These critical moments will delve into hidden perspectives, biology, and behaviour, all grounded in the latest scientific research. This approach will provide an immersive, analytical, and comprehensive portrayal of life as a top predator in the most dramatic fashion.

The series has been commissioned by Sarah Peat for National Geographic International. Serving as Executive Producer for True To Nature is Wendy Darke, with Adam Oldroyd taking on the role of Series Producer. Doghouse Post Production will oversee post-production and VFX, while ITV Studios will manage the international distribution of the series.

The creative aspiration for ‘Predators in Action’ (w/t) is to unveil entirely fresh perspectives and insights into the animal kingdom’s most prolific and iconic hunters in action.

Wendy Darke, Executive Producer, True To Nature said: “It’s great to be partnering with National Geographic International and ITV Studios for the first time on an innovative new approach, gaining fresh insights into predators in action and the attributes, skills and behaviour that give them an edge, most of the time, in the competitive natural world scenarios of predator vs prey.”

Adam Oldroyd, Series Producer says: “’Predators In Action’ (w/t) offers an exciting opportunity to combine the latest VFX and game engine technology with some of the world’s best natural history footage and examine these incredible predators from an entirely new perspective.”