Marley Blair and Isaac Assenso have both made temporary moves to Liversedge FC from Farsley Celtic on loan.

Isaac, in his journey to recover from a severe injury sustained during the pre-season, requires substantial playing time to facilitate his rehabilitation and help him regain the competitive edge necessary for the first team. The management team believed that merely engaging in training sessions wouldn’t suffice; live competitive matches were essential to achieve the best outcomes.

Considering the impressive performance level of the first team, it was deemed unfeasible to compromise their performance for the sake of one player’s recovery. Consequently, Isaac will be loaned out for a month to acquire the much-needed game time.

Marley’s situation differs somewhat. Transitioning from the Icelandic league to the physically demanding environment of the national league has posed a significant adjustment in playing styles and footballing culture for him.

The expectation is that consistent game time will expedite Marley’s adaptation to English football.