Over 50 individuals spanning ages 11 to 78, hailing from various corners of the UK, will join Natasha Loveridge, a mother from Guiseley, on Saturday, 23rd September. Their mission is to ascend Scafell Pike, raising awareness for non-smoking lung cancer and generating funds to aid affected patients. Among them, eight battle stage 4 EGFR positive lung cancer.

Natasha, a primary school teacher, received her lung cancer diagnosis in December 2022, accompanied by the grim news of its incurability. Since then, she has dedicated herself to disseminating knowledge about the EGFR positive mutation, predominantly present in non-smoking young women like herself. Additionally, she tirelessly fundraises for organisations combatting this ailment.

All proceeds from Saturday’s ascent of England’s loftiest peak will be directed towards EGFR Positive UK, an organisation Natasha recently assumed trusteeship of, and the Roy Castle Foundation.

In addition to her family and close companions, supporters from locations as distant as Scotland and Devon will partake in this endeavour, with their numbers steadily increasing. Alongside this, a number of participants will place adorned pebbles along the route in memory of those lost to EGFR positive lung cancer.

Natasha said; “I am amazed by the backing we have received, with more than £4,000 already raised for the two charities.

“I hope people will continue to help by visiting my JustGiving page and making a donation if they can.

“However, raising awareness of non-smoking lung cancer and encouraging people to see their doctor if they feel they may have early symptoms – I had a squeakiness in my chest and a strange cough – is the other critically important reason we are doing this.

“I am proud that eight of us with stage 4 EGFR positive lung cancer will be there on Saturday, determined to do our very best to get to the top.”

In addition to lending support on JustGiving by searching for Natasha Loveridge, you can trace her journey on Instagram under the handle tasha.vs.thebigc.