A 23-year-old Leeds United supporter named Adam Slater, residing in Bramley, has been issued a five-year football banning order for directing homophobic abuse and making gestures towards visiting Brighton fans.

The incident occurred at Elland Road on March 11 of this year, where police evidence collectors recorded his offensive behaviour. He was subsequently charged with a public order offence and, in May, appeared before Leeds Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty and received a fine.

This week, magistrates granted an application for a five-year football banning order against Slater. His arrest came after a police evidence collector was dispatched to the front of the South Stand due to reports of homophobic chants emanating from the homestand. Additionally, he has been prohibited from entering Elland Road by Leeds United.

Chief Inspector Pete Hall, who led the policing operation at the match, said: “The words and gestures used by Slater were likely to cause harassment, alarm and distress to anyone within hearing distance of him, and anyone who behaves in this way should be prepared to face the consequences.

“Homophobic abuse, and any other form of prejudice, has absolutely no place in football and we know all decent fans of the game, regardless of club affiliations, support that view.

“We will continue to work closely with Leeds United and visiting clubs to investigate any offences and take robust action wherever possible, including seeking football banning orders, and we hope this latest action will serve as a stark reminder to others.”