The footway leading to Keighley School has undergone enhancements thanks to funding from the Keighley Towns Fund. A 350m section of pavement along Ingrow Lane, which forms part of the route to Beckfoot Oakbank School, has been refurbished and resurfaced at a cost of £8,000.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw said: “Bradford Council’s Highway Maintenance team have worked hard to make the improvements to this stretch of the path and I know it will benefit the people who use it, not least those going to and from the school.

“We are keen to encourage active travel such as walking and cycling and are facilitating this across the district, making it easier for people to get around in a more sustainable and healthier way.”

Ian Hayfield, chairman of Keighley Towns Fund said: “A crucial part of the town’s fund investment is in improving the area’s infrastructure, which will have a lasting positive impact for years to come.

“There are many projects being planned and the completion of this one will make a positive difference to the safe journey of young people to and from school each day.”

Plans are now in motion, funded by the Keighley Towns Fund, to improve a 180m segment of pavement along Bradford Road in Keighley, leading to Keighley Railway Station.