ITV has officially announced a lineup of feature documentaries and exclusive content set to air on both ITV1 and be available for streaming on ITVX next month as part of the Black History Month programming. As previously revealed in April, the Fresh Cuts directors for 2023 – Jordan Thomas, Salomé-Dior Williams, Jessicah North, and Archie Onobu – will be making their documentary debuts. Additionally, there will be a special interview segment highlighting Black talent within the TV industry.

1st October on ITVX and ITV1

“Our NHS with Dr Zoe Williams” (Directed by Archie Onobu)

Dr Zoe Williams commemorates 75 years of the NHS by meeting four trailblazing Black doctors who are revolutionising the field of medicine. She engages with doctors who utilise social media, develop groundbreaking online resources, and employ innovative approaches to inspire the upcoming generation of Black medical professionals. The film also features a distinguished ensemble of seasoned NHS doctors who share accounts of the invaluable contributions made by Black doctors from the inception of the NHS to the present day.

1st October on ITVX, 8th October on ITV1

“Black Boys Can Cry with Alex Beresford” (Directed by Jessicah North)

Alex Beresford embarks on a journey in a quest to comprehend why the suicide of his best friend, Martin, was a part of a startling statistic revealing that Black men are disproportionately affected by severe mental health issues compared to others.

Alex engages with mental health experts and a diverse array of Black men in order to delve into the root of this issue. His ultimate aim is to gain insight into how being Black, male, and British can adversely impact one’s mental health, and to explore the efforts being made to find solutions.

1st October on ITVX, 15th October on ITV1

“Black In Fashion” (Directed by Salomé Dior-Williams)

This documentary delves into the influence of Black culture and design on mainstream British fashion, tracing its impact from the streets to the club scene, and finally, to the grandeur of the catwalk. The film shadows the pioneers of the UK’s first Black Fashion Gala, GUAP, as they strive to stage a groundbreaking show at the iconic Natural History Museum. A distinguished roster of fashion insiders, designers, and stylists provide context and articulate how Black Fashion is fundamentally intertwined with British Fashion. The narration is provided by Radio 1xtra’s Remi Burgz.

1st October on ITVX, 22nd October on ITV1

“For Crown and Country” (Directed by Jordan Thomas)

Former Marine, Ben McBean, embarks on a journey to honour the contributions of Black military heroes from the past, while also seeking to understand why his own experience in the Army differed so significantly from those who preceded him. Ben garnered accolades for his heroism following life-altering injuries sustained in Afghanistan. Yet, he is driven by the desire to comprehend why other Black servicemen and women throughout history have never received the recognition they truly deserve.

“Breaking Through”

October will also mark the premiere of “Breaking Through,” directed by Joel Duncan, a special one-off panel show celebrating Black British actors in the TV industry. Through their candid conversation with presenter Zeze Millz, three Black actors – Adjoa Andoh, Ruby Barker, and Channique Sterling Brown – will share their personal experiences, challenges, and journeys to success, as well as offer invaluable insights into the industry.