ITV Studios has unveiled an official Birthday Portrait of actress Barbara Knox in anticipation of her 90th Birthday festivities with the cast and crew this weekend.

Barbara has portrayed ‘Rita’ in Coronation Street for over five decades, starting with a singular appearance as the captivating dancer, Rita Littlewood, back in 1964.

Renowned as the proprietor of ‘The Kabin’, which Rita assumed control of in 1973, her companions have included other ‘Corrie’ stalwarts such as Mavis Riley (Thelma Barlow) and Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden).

Rita has entered the wedded state thrice – with Len Fairclough, Ted Sullivan, and Dennis Tanner – and holds the distinction of having received more marriage proposals than any other character, a remarkable 15 from 12 distinct gentlemen!

ITV has confirmed that, as part of the festivities, a documentary titled ‘Barbara Knox at 90’ is scheduled to be broadcast next month on both ITV1 and ITVX.