The initial release of ‘Blue Therapy’ saw immediate success as a YouTube series, receiving acclaim for its in-depth exploration of contemporary Black British relationships. Now, returning as a six-part entertainment series on E4 on Thursday, 5th October, ‘In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy’ promises an even grander and more audacious television experience, with viewers anticipating additional astonishing moments and surprising revelations.

‘In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy,’ produced by Luti Media and helmed by Andy Amadi from Trend Centrl, will shadow five couples as they confront relationship hurdles in a series of couples’ therapy sessions, where they will candidly address challenging issues. Guiding the couples will be the familiar relationship coach, Denise, along with the new addition, Jo.

The initial episode will debut on Thursday, 5th October, at 6 pm on YouTube and later at 10 pm on E4. Subsequent episodes will air on both platforms at 10 pm and will be available for streaming on Channel 4.