The proposed introduction of a 20mph zone to enhance road safety on Ilkley’s streets is scheduled to move forward. This initiative in Ilkley marks the latest addition to Bradford Council’s successful 20mph zone program, which has already brought about reduced speeds on streets within Shipley and Bradford city centre.

In addition to its focus on urban areas, other 20mph zones have been implemented in proximity to schools across various wards in the district, including City, Manningham, Toller, Keighley Central, and Great Horton.

These 20 mph zones not only enhance local safety and the surrounding environment but also encourage alternative modes of active travel, such as walking and cycling. Across the UK, an increasing number of local authorities have introduced 20mph speed limits in residential areas and urban centres.

Following the successful implementation of these zones in Shipley and the city centre, Ilkley became the next area under consideration. Ilkley Town Council has provided some matching funding, and the Highways Agreement was signed in October 2022, making it feasible to expand the zone to encompass a broader area, including Ben Rhydding.

The process for determining these final arrangements adhered to the guidelines outlined by the Government. Ilkley’s 20mph scheme has undergone four years of public engagement, involving extensive participation and discussions within the Ilkley Neighbourhood Development Plan, which was ratified in 2022 through a full resident referendum.

Subsequently, an official public consultation phase was conducted, during which residents’ suggestions were taken into account to enhance the designs. Most notably, the final proposals have reduced the total number of calming measures from 120 to 58, and nearly all of these measures are positioned along routes commonly used for walking to school.

The proposed traffic calming measures feature a modern design comprising speed cushions and tables, distinct from the traditional ‘humps’ historically used on the outskirts of Ilkley.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Regeneration, Planning and Transport said: “I understand the strength of feeling some people in Ilkley have over these proposals, particularly around traffic calming.

“We’ve listened, and throughout the development of the scheme, the amount of traffic calming has been reduced by 50% – half the amount that was originally put forward.

“I’m confident these final proposals are right for Ilkley and will continue our successful district-wide strategy of rolling out 20mph zones in and around our urban centres, having already delivered similar successful schemes in Shipley and the city centre. The traffic calming now focuses primarily on the fastest roads and those around our schools and nurseries, which a lot of the feedback asked us to do.

“The whole point of public consultation is to identify issues and find a workable compromise that addresses any concerns without losing sight of the core purpose of the scheme. 20 mph zones are important to reduce average speeds, improve road safety and create a better environment for residents, pedestrians and cyclists. Creating a culture where people drive more slowly when they are in our town and city centres and around schools is the right thing to do and I look forward to the successful implementation of this scheme.”

The installation is anticipated to commence in October, with the scheme expected to be operational before the year’s end.

For further details about the final scheme, please visit the Bradford Council Decision on the Ilkley 20mph Zone Objections page at