As you emerge from behind the sofa, it’s time to take a peek behind the curtain as Doctor Who: Unleashed makes its debut on BBC Three and iPlayer this November. This fresh, all-access show will provide viewers with an invaluable glimpse into the Doctor Who universe.

Steffan Powell, BBC Gaming Correspondent and former Radio 1 Newsbeat Presenter, is our host. Armed with the keys to the TARDIS, Steffan will guide viewers through the process of creating this otherworldly drama after every Doctor Who episode. With exclusive interviews featuring both the faces in front of the camera and the minds behind it, Unleashed stands as the ultimate companion to Doctor Who.

Bright Branch Media has produced Doctor Who: Unleashed for BBC Studios, to be aired on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Russell T Davies, Doctor Who Showrunner says: “Over the years, I meet so many people who were inspired to find careers in TV, because of the behind-the-scenes material the BBC would show. And now it’s back, in the grand old tradition of Doctor Who Confidential, but in a brand new form, Unleashed! So a whole new generation – and faithful fans of old – can see what the stars and the crew get up to behind the cameras.”

Jo Pearce, Bright Branch Creative Director and Doctor Who: Unleashed Executive Producer says: “This series gives audiences access to all areas, led brilliantly by Steffan Powell, viewers are invited to see what really goes into the making of Doctor Who. It’s been such a privilege to create this show and we’re so grateful to the cast and crew who welcomed us in and allowed us to tell the story behind the drama.”

Fiona Campbell, Controller, Youth Audience (BBC iPlayer and BBC Three) says: “Doctor Who is a show that needs no introduction, so it goes without saying that BBC Three and iPlayer are thrilled to introduce this incredible new series that invites viewers into the world of Doctor Who, showing them just what really goes on.:

Steffan Powell, Host of Doctor Who: Unleashed says: “When you’re told Russell T Davies is asking for you to present a show, you say, ‘when does he want me?’ Doesn’t matter, I’ll be there… There’s a really fun and fascinating group of people bringing Doctor Who to life – I can’t wait for the audience to meet them. I’m so chuffed to have been trusted to help tell, in all its glory, the story of what goes into making the magic happen.”