A former West Yorkshire Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) has been sentenced after confessing to perverting the course of justice.

Fiona Price, aged 33, who served in Leeds District, previously pleaded guilty to one count of perverting the course of justice. She appeared at Bradford Crown Court, where she received a three-month custodial sentence and a fine of £1,800.

She was sentenced alongside her husband, Darren Price, aged 37, who was also incarcerated for three months.

On 20th August 2022, Fiona Price reported that her vehicle had been stolen from a layby in Burnsall, North Yorkshire.

In a statement provided to the police, Price stated that she and her family had returned to find the vehicle missing at approximately 4:30-4:45 pm. She reported it to the police from a restaurant around 6:30 pm after charging both her and her husband’s phones in a friend’s car.

Initial inquiries were conducted by an officer from North Yorkshire Police who harboured suspicions regarding the authenticity of the report. The case was subsequently referred to West Yorkshire Police’s Counter Corruption Unit once it was confirmed that Fiona Price was a member of police staff.

Investigating officers discovered inconsistencies in the accounts provided by her and her husband regarding the events. Subsequently, both were apprehended.

Detective Chief Superintendent Nicola Bryar, of West Yorkshire Police’s Professional Standards Directorate, said; “Former PCSO Price has never offered any explanation for her actions.

“Honesty and integrity are fundamental values for anyone working in policing. For someone involved in the criminal justice process to fabricate a crime is simply unacceptable and taken extremely seriously by the Force.”

Fiona Price tendered her resignation from her position while under investigation. Following the conclusion of this court case, misconduct proceedings will recommence to ensure her inclusion in the College of Policing’s Barred List, preventing her from seeking further employment in policing.