Filming for the third and fourth instalments of Phoenix Rise is currently underway in the West Midlands, with Fleur East taking on the role of Miss Meesha, an inspiring new music teacher.

Fleur East says: “I’m thrilled to be a part of Phoenix Rise. There is so much raw talent and I’ve been soaking up the experience like a sponge! The cast and crew are amazing to work with and the scripts are real, gritty, funny and heart-warming. I can’t wait for everyone to be introduced to my character Miss Meesha – she’s a ball of energy!”

Conceived by Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans, Phoenix Rise chronicles the journey of a group of young outsiders who have faced exclusion from school, as they re-enter mainstream education, form unexpected friendships, and learn to navigate school life. The critically acclaimed drama centres around six students who convene regularly in a disused boiler room at their school, a neglected space that transforms into their sanctuary.

The initial series of Phoenix Rise can be viewed on BBC iPlayer, with the second series premiering today on BBC Three and iPlayer. Series three and four, featuring Fleur East as Miss Meesha, are scheduled for release next year.

Phoenix Rise is produced by BBC Studios Kids & Family Productions, led by Creative Director Tali Walters. For series three and four, Mark Freeland serves as Executive Producer, working alongside Perrie Balthazar and Matt Evans, with Alison B Matthews as the Producer. The series was commissioned by Sarah Muller, Senior Head of BBC Children’s Commissioning 7+, and overseen by Commissioning Editor Amy Buscombe.

The initial two series of Phoenix Rise are currently accessible on BBC iPlayer.