Czajka Care Group, which recently marked its 40th anniversary, has been reaccredited with the prestigious Gold Standard Framework (GSF) Quality Hallmark Award at its Nab Wood and Steeton nursing homes in West Yorkshire.

Staveley Birkleas Nursing Home in Nab Wood, Shipley, provides care for 60 individuals aged 18 to 65 with physical disabilities. Currergate Nursing Home in Steeton, situated between Keighley and Skipton, caters to 34 elderly residents, including those in need of end-of-life care, and offers respite and convalescence services.

Both homes have successfully retained the esteemed GSF Quality Hallmark Award, and team members will collect the award and certificate later this month at the GSF conference in Manchester.

The GSF Quality Hallmark Award acknowledges the diligent efforts and dedication to enhancing end-of-life care for residents. Care homes undergo a rigorous assessment every three years as part of this award, and team members complete a comprehensive training programme. Inspectors also conduct a thorough evaluation of all aspects of care provided to residents approaching the end of their lives.

Solmaz Bahadori-Ridge, who is the registered manager at Staveley Birkleas Nursing Home, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be awarded the platinum level of the GSF, which is a step up from our last assessment and shows we are always improving. We are one of only a small number of nursing homes in the North to provide this specialist type of care. We are a friendly and welcoming home, and the inspectors recognised the person-centred care we provide, as well as the dignity and compassion we have for our residents. They highlighted how our residents were happy and the environment felt very much like their own home, and that all the principles of GSF levels of care are embedded in the home. We scored an impressive 58 out of 60 and were praised for our strong leadership and teamwork, as well as for our very supportive relationships with staff and residents.”

Deputy manager, Sam Birch said: “We talked to the inspector about all the wonderful things we do to make sure our residents feel at home. We want to make every day with us count. Many of our residents live with us for several years, or even decades, but many have complex physical disabilities, so it’s important we all have a very clear idea of the end of life care our residents want.

“Every week we take our residents on trips, we do a lot of educational trips as well as leisure activities, which can include anything from going to the local park for a picnic or a trip to the races, cinema, theatre or seaside. One of our residents loves Robbie Williams and we managed to get them tickets! We want our residents to feel like Staveley Birkleas is their home, so everything here is very personalised, and we also make sure we employ people who genuinely enjoy working with our residents. We take both day-to-day care and end of life care very seriously. We have a memorial garden here for those people who have passed away and make sure everyone gets the support they need following a bereavement.”

Vicky Stainburn, who is the registered manager at Currergate Nursing Home, said: “We have also been awarded the platinum level of the Gold Standard Framework, which is the next level up from our last assessment. As well as a thorough inspection of all our processes and procedures, the GSF inspectors went through a recent loss that was managed by the team and assessed all our actions in great depth. The report highlighted the considerable thought, choices and support we provide our residents and their families, looking at both the medical and pastoral care provided.”

Konrad Czajka, managing director of Czajka Care Group, said: “Our ethos is to help each person to live their life to the full, whilst being treated with respect, dignity and maintaining as much independence as possible. As well as achieving all the in-depth assessment criteria for GSF level end of life care, the inspectors said they were made to feel very welcome at our homes and noted how friendly the staff are as well as how happy and well cared for the residents are. We are so proud of the whole team for all their dedication and hard work.”

The National Gold Standard Framework Centre in End-of-Life Care now intends to use Czajka Care Group’s work as a model of best practice to inspire other care providers throughout the UK. Both nursing homes have received a ‘Good’ rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Staveley Birkleas Nursing Home, in operation since 1984, has been owned and operated by the Czajka family for 39 years. Currergate Nursing Home, established in 1982, has been owned and operated by the Czajka family for 20 years.

For further information about available spaces at Staveley Birkleas Nursing Home, please call 01274 588 233 or email For details about available spaces at Currergate Nursing Home, call 01535 653 204 or email Visit for more information about Czajka Care Group.