In a thrilling conclusion, Chantelle Walsh emerged as the victor of the BBC Studios-produced Ultimate Wedding Planner.

Chantelle, a former Belfast hairdresser who transitioned into wedding planning following the pandemic, faced off in a fierce final against Toby Hawker – a former dancer from London – to orchestrate a lavish regency affair for the couple, Aaron and Ordain.

Drawing glowing praise from the couple, both finalists received enthusiastic congratulations from Judge Fred Sirieix before he convened with his fellow judges, Sara Davies and Raj Somaiya, to determine the winner.

Chantelle expressed, “Winning Ultimate Wedding Planner means everything to me. I poured my heart into it, and I’m incredibly proud of all that I’ve accomplished. The insights I gained from the judges have equipped me better than ever to launch my own venture. The motivation and confidence instilled in me by this show are beyond words, and I’m eagerly anticipating what lies ahead. It’s been a life-altering experience.”

Raj Somaiya remarked, “Chantelle possesses a serenity that belies her experience and a genuine knack for comprehending a couple’s desires for their special day. These attributes are vital for a successful wedding planner, and they are ingrained in her. Chantelle is poised to be an outstanding wedding planner, and I’m eager to witness the trajectory of her career from here.”

Sara Davies reflected, “Witnessing Chantelle’s evolution into the planner she became by the end of this journey was a tremendous privilege. In the final, Chantelle orchestrated an impeccable wedding and delivered a tailor-made personal experience worthy of victory. The competition was fierce, as all eight of the wedding planners displayed remarkable talent, but Chantelle just offered that extra something, which solidified her as a highly deserving winner. She’s destined to be a wedding planning sensation.”

Fred Sirieix commended, “What an exceptional champion! Every wedding hinges on those personal touches, and Chantelle epitomised that, especially in the final. It’s been a marvellous journey watching her flourish, and she truly delivered when it counted most.”

Chantelle’s prize includes a customised package tailored to assist her in launching her own wedding enterprise, coupled with exclusive guidance and an introduction to the industry courtesy of wedding planning expert Raj Somaiya.

Originally, eight aspiring wedding planners entered the process, which involved orchestrating six ambitious themed weddings for real-life couples throughout the series.

Ultimate Wedding Planner is accessible on BBC iPlayer.