Yeti Television has announced that it has been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce “Car Boot Kings” (60’), a documentary created as part of Channel 4’s First Cut initiative, which supports new directors making their debut in broadcast TV.

Fueled by Britain’s fondness for a good deal and the desire to earn some extra cash amidst the economic downturn, car boot sales are experiencing a surge in popularity. “Car Boot Kings” follows the exploits of JT and Andrew, lifelong friends who are capitalising on the situation by consistently attracting nine thousand traders and buyers every week… right in their own front yard.

JT and Andrew, dubbed the “Car Boot Kings,” preside over the largest boot sale in the untamed West Midlands. While the rest of Britain sleeps, thousands converge on their fields in search of bargains, aiming to either resell cherished possessions or unearth treasures to turn a profit. These bustling markets spring to life in a matter of hours, offering an array of goods.

For some, the car boot sale isn’t just about pocketing a few pounds, but a vital source of income. Many regulars rely on the additional earnings to put food on the table and provide their children with dinner money. However, for the Kings, the weight of responsibility that comes with their title is substantial. Keeping patrons, who are tightening their belts, content while also turning a tidy profit for themselves is an ongoing challenge. And with the unpredictable British weather during the brief summer season, can the Booters and Kings thrive?

Siân Price, Creative Director of Yeti, says, “As a seasoned car booter myself, I’m delighted to be bringing the wonderful characters and stories bound up in this world to the screen. JT & Andrew really are one of a kind! We’re also thrilled to be able to support up-and-coming director Cam Bang Peter Tat in his first single documentary for Channel 4 as part of the First Cut scheme!”

Janine Thomas, Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, adds, “Cam and Yeti have delivered a charming and curious film. Car Boot Kings continues First Cut’s character-driven filmmaking custom as it examines our current cost of living crisis through an unlikely yet entertaining treasure trove of an extraordinary car boot.”

Shooting Producer/Director, Cam Bang Peter Tat, adds, “Having worked in the TV industry for years, I’ve found it very difficult to get the opportunity to produce my own one-hour documentary so getting a First Cut with Yeti was perfect. To secure the role, myself and two other filmmakers, had to write a two-page treatment for the commissioner, outlining our approach to transforming the pitch document into a compelling documentary.”

“Car Boot Kings” is scheduled to air on Channel 4 in October.

The documentary was produced and directed by Cam Bang Peter Tat under Channel 4’s First Cut scheme. It was commissioned by Janine Thomas and exec produced by Yeti’s Siân Price and Simon Greenwood.

First Cuts exists to launch the careers of new factual directors with this career-defining strand. As the home of first-time filmmakers and those who have gone on to become established creative voices across the industry, First Cut is currently seeking entertaining, edgy, and surprising documentaries for 2024 that can compete in the 10pm slot. Ideas can be sent to Rita Daniels –