Two men who fired shots at a residence in Bradford in January have received prison sentences.

Dale Poppleton and Ali Abbas have confessed to possessing a firearm with the intention of instilling fear of violence.

On 11th January, Poppleton and Abbas, donned balaclavas and armed with a shotgun, approached a residence on Christopher Court. They attempted to forcibly enter the premises, resulting in damage to the door. When the occupant of the property attempted to ascertain what was happening, a shot was discharged towards the window.

Dale Poppleton, aged 42, residing on Charnwood Road, has been sentenced to eight and a half years of imprisonment.

Ali Abbas, aged 18, residing on St Leonards Road, has been sentenced to four years and two months in a young offender’s institution.

Senior Investigating Officer Detective Chief Inspector Matt Holdsworth of West Yorkshire Police said; “Poppleton and Abbas armed themselves on 11 January intent on causing fear to the occupants of the property on Christopher Court.

“It was only by sheer luck that no one was injured or seriously hurt.

“Firearms have absolutely no place on our streets and every time one is removed by us, it makes Bradford a safer place for all.

“I hope this sentence handed down today shows the seriousness of the offence and weapons on our streets will not be tolerated.

“I would like to thank the community for their help in the investigation and helping to find Poppleton who was actively evading us.”