BBC Two and BBC Current Affairs have announced the upcoming release of “Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos,” a compelling exploration into the underlying causes of some of the most tumultuous and disorderly political events witnessed in a generation. Laura Kuenssberg, in a series comprising three one-hour episodes produced by October Films, delves into the question of whether our political landscape has been pushed to the brink of collapse and if a return to normalcy is even possible.

The inaugural episode is scheduled to premiere on BBC Two at 9 pm on Monday, 11th September, with simultaneous availability on BBC iPlayer starting at 6 am.

Having served as the BBC’s political editor during critical moments such as the Brexit referendum, high-profile resignations, pivotal elections, prorogation of Parliament, and the global pandemic, Laura Kuenssberg offers a unique perspective on these events. She embarks on an investigative journey to uncover the reasons behind the pervasive toxicity that permeated both the public sphere and behind closed doors throughout this period, providing her own insights along the way.

Commencing with the aftermath of the referendum and concluding with the downfall of Liz Truss, the documentary promises candid and revelatory interviews with cabinet ministers and high-ranking officials who played pivotal roles in shaping momentous decisions within British politics. Additionally, it will feature exclusive interviews with senior civil servants and personnel from Number 10 who have never previously shared their insights with the public.

Laura Kuenssberg says: “The referendum result triggered years of turbulence in our politics – chaos inside the Conservative Party and Parliament, with Prime Ministers coming and going in quick succession. I want to take viewers behind the scenes to show them what really happened, and ask whether, after all the craziness, politics will ever be the same again?”

Neil Breakwell, executive producer at October Films, says: “British politics has been on a roller coaster ride that we’ve all had to live through. It also makes for a gripping series narrative and I can think of no one better to make sense of it than Laura, who’s been strapped into the roller coaster during the most turbulent of times.”

Directed by Sarah MacFarlane and Max Stern, with Daisy Ayliffe as the series director, “Laura Kuenssberg: State of Chaos” is spearheaded by Neil Breakwell, the Head of Topical Programmes at October Films, serving as the Executive Producer. The BBC commissioned this programme under the guidance of Joanna Carr, the Head of Current Affairs, and Gian Quaglieni the BBC Commissioning Editor.