The BBC has unveiled a sneak peek of the upcoming six-part thriller, Boat Story, featuring Daisy Haggard (known for Back to Life and Breeders) and Paterson Joseph (renowned for Vigil and Noughts & Crosses), alongside Tchéky Karyo (from Baptiste and The Missing), Joanna Scanlan (noted for After Love and Notes on A Scandal), Craig Fairbrass (known for One Piece, Villain, and Muscle), and Phil Daniels (famous for Quadrophenia and House of the Dragon).

Penned by Harry and Jack Williams, the series is produced by the acclaimed All3Media production company, Two Brothers Pictures, in collaboration with All3Media International. The show will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the UK, and on Amazon Freevee in the US and Germany.

The initial images showcase the unsuspecting protagonists, Janet (Daisy Haggard) and Samuel (Paterson Joseph), as they hold on to a stash of illicit drugs discovered on a shipwrecked vessel. Both can hardly believe their luck as they decide to sell it and divide the proceeds. However, hot on their heels is a sharply dressed gangster known as ‘The Tailor’ (Tchéky Karyo).

At its core, Boat Story is an action-packed thriller about two ordinary individuals whom the world has forsaken, and whether they are willing – or desperate enough – to embark on a wild venture to attain their desires in life. Pushed to their limits, can they rely on each other and escape with their lives and the money?

Boat Story encompasses a web of unexpected twists and turns with a focus on character-driven storytelling. Quirky humour juxtaposes high-intensity action sequences set against the breathtaking backdrop of the picturesque, windswept Yorkshire coast.

Boat Story is a production of Two Brothers Pictures, a subsidiary of All3Media, for the BBC. The series is scripted by Harry and Jack Williams (known for The Missing, Baptiste, and The Tourist), who, along with Christopher Aird (Baptiste, Liar, The Tourist), Sarah Hammond (Back to Life, Fleabag), and Daniel Walker (The Tourist), act as executive producers for Two Brothers Pictures. Tommy Bulfin and Nawfal Faizullah serve as executive producers for the BBC. Matthew Bird (Isolation Stories, Strangers) is the producer, with Harry and Jack Williams directing the first block. Alice Troughton directed the second block, and Daniel Nettheim helmed the third block. All3Media International handles international sales.