The upcoming TV network series marks the debut of Scottish social commentator, author, and rapper. He has gained acclaim for his recent series produced in collaboration with BBC Scotland and Tern TV.

David Harron, Commissioning Editor, BBC Scotland, says: “We are delighted to be commissioning what is our fourth documentary series with Darren and Tern, this time for both Scottish and UK-wide audiences. Darren is a huge and exciting talent and the subject matter of his new series is both important and timely.”

McGarvey’s previous works include the BAFTA-winning “Darren McGarvey’s Addictions,” which received the 2022 BAFTA Scotland Factual Series award, and “Darren McGarvey’s Class Wars,” which secured the 2022 RTS Scotland awards for Documentary & Specialist Factual and On Screen Personality.

The new series, “Darren McGarvey – Mind The Gap” (w/t) (3×60), examines the substantial challenges faced by Britain’s largest public services – health, justice, and education – in 2023, affecting millions on a daily basis. McGarvey probes whether there exists a growing disparity between the privileged and less fortunate, the affluent and impoverished, and the publicly and privately served, and what might be driving this division.

In each episode, acclaimed author, rapper, and social commentator Darren McGarvey embarks on a journey across Britain, including visits to Norway and Finland, seeking to unravel the reasons behind the significant hurdles confronting these once-illustrious public institutions. He delves into what he perceives as an escalating divide between those on vastly different ends of the spectrum, immersing himself to understand firsthand why the disparities, conflicts, and challenges they face are so pressing. He also seeks out trailblazers in each field, individuals striving to forge a distinct path, effect positive change, and ultimately, narrow the divides.

Darren McGarvey says: “With my previous series being based solely in Scotland, I’m really excited at taking on a UK-wide view of social inequality. While there are notable differences between the four nations in education, health, and justice, I believe the trends we see across the UK are similar enough to warrant a comprehensive deep-dive. In Mind the Gap we’ve gained privileged access to those working on the front line in some of the most challenging but also hugely rewarding areas of modern life. Schools where the traditional rule book is being ripped up. Prisons where offenders seem to have a real chance of rehabilitation. Hospitals almost at breaking point but where patient care is second to none. Above all it’s about amazing people who are pioneering in the gaps between those that have and have not.”

Harry Bell, Managing Director, Tern, says: “We are passionate about investing in up-and-coming talent at Tern, and are delighted to be working with Darren once again on Mind The Gap (w/t). Having won a BAFTA for Darren McGarvey’s Addictions, we are thrilled to be embarking on another adventure with Darren to investigate some of Britain’s biggest challenges.

“Tern’s strength is in marrying top talent with their passions, and Darren is the perfect fit to front this pivotal series. We feel this will be an important series, an important addition to the debate on our institutions, taking a fresh and fascinating perspective on some of the biggest issues of our times.”

“Darren McGarvey – Mind The Gap” (w/t) was commissioned by David Harron for BBC Scotland and Aisling O’Connor, Commissioning Editor, BBC Factual for BBC Two and iPlayer. It is Directed by Jack Cocker, Series Produced by Emma Fentiman, and Executive Produced by Harry Bell for Tern at Zinc Media. The series is being produced in partnership with The Open University.

It is anticipated to air early next year on the BBC Scotland channel and BBC Two.