A 35-year-old man hailing from Wakefield has been imprisoned for a period of five years due to child sexual offences.

Daniel Hudson was handed his sentence on Thursday at Leeds Crown Court for the aforementioned crimes. These transgressions took place at a residence in Leeds and involved a 14-year-old girl.

Hudson, residing in the Lupset locality, was proven guilty of committing five instances of sexual offences against the young victim.

During the trial, it was revealed that Hudson had established a friendly rapport with the victim. He went as far as to purchase presents and meals for her, creating the illusion of a romantic relationship. Subsequently, it came to light that the sexual abuse commenced once he had successfully gained her trust.

An investigation was initiated by detectives in Wakefield in June 2020, following reports of Hudson’s illicit activities.

Detective Constable Ashleigh Gath-Clark, said; “This has been a complex investigation spanning over three years.

“Daniel Hudson was responsible for a catalogue of appalling sexual abuse against this vulnerable child.

“These were awful offences that he committed, and I would like to commend the victim for their courage and bravery in coming forward and reporting the offences to the police at a young age.

“This was a challenging investigation and I welcome the sentence that has been passed. I hope that it provides reassurance to the victim and their family, as well as the wider community.”