Channel 4 has approved the production of a 90-minute film recounting the shocking narrative surrounding the false accusations against several parents and teachers from a Hampstead school, alleging their involvement in a Satanic paedophile ring. Despite the lack of evidence supporting these claims, the unfounded conspiracy theory gained traction on the internet, resulting in instances of death threats, persistent harassment, and abuse, much of which persists to this day.

The focal point of this unsettling tale, the mothers, are breaking their silence for the very first time in an ambitious full-length documentary. This project ingeniously blends authentic archival footage, interviews, and dramatic reenactments through lip-sync performances.

The chronicle initiates with the online release of videos wherein two children implicate their friends’ parents and their own teachers in a disturbing narrative involving a paedophilic Satanic cult. This cult is said to be operating secretly within concealed chambers within the school premises. These accusations, however, are completely fabricated, having been concocted by the new boyfriend of their mother, a man named Abraham Christie. Nevertheless, once the spark was ignited, extinguishing the ensuing blaze proved impossible. The accused individuals were plagued by these allegations. The footage exhibits enraged protesters chasing a clergyman through the streets of Hampstead, an American conspiracy theorist flying to London to delve into the matter and even attempt to “rescue” the children, and online threats involving abduction and more sinister acts. The majority of these acts of harassment were instigated by a small faction of conspiracy theorists and online provocateurs.

Given the authorities’ inability to provide assistance, the responsibility of collecting evidence and constructing a legal case against their tormentors fell upon four of the accused mothers and a group of online activists. After four years of relentless struggle to safeguard their children and pursue justice, they eventually had their day in court.

Featuring exclusive audio testimonies from the accused mothers themselves, impeccably lip-synced by actors, as well as interviews with the conspiracy theorists, Emily Turner’s film delves into the tangible repercussions of an audacious online conspiracy theory. It profoundly explores the significance of truth and the toll exacted by falsehoods.

All3 International will oversee the distribution of the film.

Executive Producer, Peter Beard said “Emily’s film is a remarkable, terrifying and timely tale. The women at the heart of this story have been so brave in letting us tell their incredible fight for justice. Their story shows that any of us could wake up one morning and find ourselves in the middle of an internet conspiracy. The question is whether we’d have the strength to fight back in the way they did.”

Shaminder Nahal, Head of Specialist Factual who commissioned the film added: “Emily Turner and Story Films have made a remarkable film that is so shocking and yet so relatable – asking huge questions about truth, trauma and justice. The courage of the women at the centre of the story is extraordinary, and the impact of their testimony so profound.”