BBC and SHOWTIME have unveiled a glimpse of their newest 6-part gothic thriller, “The Woman in the Wall,” featuring the talented BAFTA award-winner Ruth Wilson in the lead role. Alongside her is BAFTA nominee Daryl McCormack, while the series is brought to life by writer and creator Joe Murtagh, known for his work on “Calm with Horses.” The show is skillfully crafted by the British independent production company Motive Picture, backed by Fifth Season, and delves into the haunting legacy of Ireland’s infamous Magdalene Laundries.

Set in the fictional Irish town of Kilkinure, the story follows Lorna Brady, portrayed by Ruth Wilson. One fateful morning, she awakens to find a lifeless body in her home, but shockingly, she has no recollection of who the deceased woman is or if she could be involved in the apparent murder. Lorna has been plagued by sleepwalking episodes ever since she was forcibly taken away at 15 and placed in a convent. There, she gave birth to a daughter named Agnes, who was cruelly separated from her, leaving Lorna in the dark about her child’s fate.

Adding to Lorna’s woes, Detective Colman Akande, played by Daryl McCormack, is on her trail, investigating a seemingly unrelated crime. Colman is an ambitious officer with a sharp wit masking inner sadness, and his encounter with Lorna forces him to confront his own haunting secrets.

As they search for answers, Lorna’s quest to find Agnes leads her to delve into her past and uncover the darkest secrets of Kilkinure. Meanwhile, Colman’s pursuit of a murderer intertwines their paths in ways they could never have foreseen, creating a gripping and emotionally charged detective story filled with dark humour.

“The Woman in the Wall” promises to be a distinct and revealing series, expertly blending psychological depth and captivating storytelling. Audiences in the UK can look forward to watching it soon on BBC One and iPlayer. The show was shot on location in Northern Ireland, with support from Northern Ireland Screen. Additionally, it will be available on Paramount+ with SHOWTIME in the US and exclusively on Paramount+ in several other countries.

The series is a creation of Motive Pictures, in association with BBC and SHOWTIME, helmed by Joe Murtagh as the writer, and directed by Harry Wootliff and Rachna Suri, with Susan Breen as the producer. Executive producers include Simon Maxwell, Sam Lavender, Joe Murtagh, Ruth Wilson, and Harry Wootliff, with BBC’s Lucy Richer also onboard.