The Chapel Allerton Orthopaedic Centre (CHOC), which is a part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, has been recognised by a national inspection team for its exceptional clinical and operational standards. This acknowledgment validates that CHOC upholds high-quality clinical practices and operational efficiency, adhering to best practices and maintaining a commendable level of performance.

CHOC serves as a specialised centre for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of adult patients with upper limb, hip, knee, and foot and ankle conditions. Equipped with comprehensive outpatient, theatre services, and diagnostic facilities, as well as specialised physiotherapy and occupational therapy services, the centre has been purposefully designed to offer excellent and prompt recovery care for patients.

The assessment process was carried out by NHS England’s Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) program in collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) and supported by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. The program evaluates healthcare hubs based on a set of standards, aiming to streamline and expedite common surgical procedures while ensuring high-quality clinical care for patients.

During the evaluation, the GIRFT team scrutinised five key elements: the patient pathway, staff training and competence, clinical governance and outcomes, facilities and resource allocation, and utilisation and productivity. The team engaged with colleagues at all levels within the centre, including wards, theatres, and management, to gain a comprehensive understanding of their practices. They also conducted an on-site inspection, exploring the environment and culture of the centre, and were highly impressed with the state-of-the-art facilities.

Andy Bennett, Head of Nursing at Chapel Allerton Hospital, said: “We are very proud that our CHOC team has been nationally recognised in this way. They are an outstanding team. It’s testament to so much hard work and a clear focus on what’s best for our patients. There are lots of positives coming out of this accreditation along with some areas for further development.

Professor Hemant Pandit, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Director at the hospital, said: “A ring-fenced hub that allows elective operations to take place all year round, away from the acute pressures of our main hospital sites is a great asset for our patients. This means protected staff groups and elective beds, along with an increase in day case work through the hub which helps us be as productive as possible and supports the reduction in time our patients have to wait to receive their surgery.

“The accreditation of CHOC is the first step in a series of exciting developments at CHOC which will increase the number of operating theatres and wards, allowing us to deliver even more elective activity within a protected accredited facility.

“Thank you to everyone involved in the accreditation process – it was a lot of work but it’s absolutely been worth it.”