BBC Factual has made an announcement today that Paddy McGuinness will take on the role of the new host for BBC Two’s well-loved series, Inside the Factory.

Paddy McGuinness comments: “One of my initial jobs was in a factory, so it feels like things have come full circle for me. I am deeply intrigued by the machinery and the individuals steering its operations. Setting hair nets aside, I am enthusiastically looking forward to commencing this journey!”

Inside the Factory delves into the captivating processes within factories responsible for manufacturing some of our most cherished products. Whether it entails comprehending the method of swiftly wrapping millions of individual chocolates or revealing the unexpectedly ingenious techniques applied in the crafting of leather boots, the series stands as a jubilation of the manufacturing sector, not only in the UK but also spanning beyond its borders.

Paddy will be joining fellow presenters Cherry Healey and historian Ruth Goodman for the ninth instalment of Inside the Factory. This series takes viewers behind the curtains to uncover the enigmas of the remarkable machinery that gives rise to our daily favourites. It shines a spotlight on the dexterity and sheer dedication of the factory labour force. The show also delves into the scientific advancements and innovations that underlie these products, along with the concealed narratives surrounding their inception.

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual, said: “Inside the Factory is one of the BBC’s best-loved Factual brands. It deserves to have a big star at the helm – so I’m unbelievably excited that Paddy is putting on his white coat and rising to the challenge. He has a passion for production and engineering that’s impossible to fake. Working alongside current presenters Cherry Healey and Ruth Goodman, I know Paddy will bring new energy to this joyful series. I can’t wait to see him in action.”

Paddy will join for the ninth series, which will go into production later this year, to tx in 2024.

Inside the Factory is made by Voltage TV. It was commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual. The Executive Producers are Michael Rees and Lucy Carter and the Commissioning Editors are Siobhan Mulholland and Sreya Biswas.

The eighth series of Inside the Factory will be broadcast on BBC Two and iPlayer early next year.