The Chief Nurse of the NHS for the North East and Yorkshire region has conveyed her congratulations to students who have received their A Level, T Level, or BTEC results today. She has encouraged those uncertain about their career paths to contemplate the opportunity of joining the NHS through the remaining nursing and midwifery degree positions.

This year, a total of 31,430 individuals in England have enrolled for nursing degrees, and 7,490 have put forth applications to become midwives.

Following the release of examination results, vacancies are now open for nursing and midwifery courses. The NHS is reminding students who may be reevaluating their choices that a vocation in healthcare might offer the transformative career they are seeking.

Margaret Kitching, Regional Chief Nurse for NHS North East and Yorkshire, said it was fantastic to see so many young people making the decision to pursue a career in the NHS.

“Nursing is one of the most rewarding and diverse careers, with over 50 different jobs and specialities that students can look into while studying and after graduating,” Ms Kitching said.

“Midwifery also offers hands-on training with the opportunity to make a real difference in patients’ lives through a range of different placements while learning.

“For those who are still deciding on their next steps, or perhaps rethinking their original choices, I would urge you to consider applying for a nursing or midwifery course through UCAS clearing, and to search NHS nursing careers to find out more.”

For those still deliberating their next steps or contemplating a shift in their initial decisions, she passionately advocated applying for nursing or midwifery courses through UCAS clearing. She encouraged them to explore NHS nursing careers for further insights.

Individuals opting to pursue nursing or midwifery studies at university could potentially qualify for the NHS Learning Support Fund, which ensures an annual grant of £5,000, along with specialised allowances for mental health or learning disability nursing studies.

Upon graduation, these students will rank among the most employable graduates in the UK, with a staggering 94% of nursing graduates securing employment within six months.

UCAS clearing is presently accessible, affording aspiring students the chance to apply for courses until October 17th. While prerequisites for nursing and midwifery degree programs may differ, students are advised that a minimum of two A Levels or equivalent qualifications will likely be necessary. They are encouraged to reach out to universities directly to ascertain specific entry requirements.

Ms. Kitching concluded, “If the prospect of nursing or midwifery resonates with you, explore the ‘NHS nursing careers’ to gain deeper insights into the spectrum of roles within the NHS and the application process.”