Manningham Housing Association has released a newly streamlined corporate strategy and action plan, carrying the theme of ‘Investing and Developing in Diverse Neighbourhoods where People Wish to Reside and Flourish.’

The strategy for the next three years is focused on four main objectives: Increasing the Availability of Affordable Homes, Ensuring the Well-being of Our Current Homes and Tenants, Investing in the Community and Collaborations, and Addressing Inequalities in the BAME Community.

This plan also encompasses a reaffirmation of Manningham Housing Association’s Core Values: Prioritising Customers, Demonstrating Passion for Our Tasks, Taking Responsibility, and Embracing Diversity. These values have empowered the association to build a robust standing in the sector on both regional and national fronts, a feat that has been underscored by the attainment of numerous recent accolades.

Lee Bloomfield, Manningham Housing Association Chief Executive, explained that the new document is focused on delivery with defined policy outcomes and clear methods for achieving them to the fore.

He said; “It was important to have a strategy that was meaningful and easy to read and understand, whilst being ambitious in its aims.

“It is important that our customers, project partners and communities we serve can see what we are striving to do in our everyday activities and how we intend to meet our objectives.

“As well as providing more affordable homes by expanding stock numbers, we will maintain services for current tenants at the highest possible levels.

“Delivering our prized Community Investment and Partnership Strategy will remain a top priority as we seek to create new life opportunities for people of all ages in Bradford district.

“And we will continue to speak up for those whose voices are often unheard or ignored by those in authority, particularly when resources are allocated.”

Barrington Billings, Manningham Housing Association Chair, said; “As a Board, we were pleased to sign off the corporate strategy which will chart the association’s course until 2026.

“I have been involved in the production of numerous strategies over many years, and the simplicity of this document is what makes it stand out.

“One of Manningham Housing Association’s greatest strengths is that everyone knows their role in enabling the association to succeed.

“The new strategy and accompanying action plan – which is an effective roadmap for delivery – will further enhance our standing as a community-based BAME organisation at the top of its game.”

Founded in 1986, Manningham Housing Association manages more than 1,400 homes for over 6,000 residents in Bradford and Keighley.

It is the first housing association in the country to be officially accredited for its work in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.