A male individual has received a verdict and subsequent sentencing following his conviction for engaging in sexual misconduct against a minor in Leeds over two decades ago.

Referred to as Daniel Richardson (formerly recognised as Bedford), aged 38, residing on Leeds Road, Lofthouse, he was proven guilty during a trial held at Leeds Crown Court.

The charges against him include two counts of indecent assault. On this current date, which is Thursday, 10 August, he has been handed a prison sentence of six years.

These criminal acts transpired from the year 2003 onwards, spanning several years, all directed towards a single victim.

Detective Sergeant Emma Maltas, of Leeds District Safeguarding Team, said: “The victim has shown immense bravery in coming forward as an adult to report the horrific offences committed against her as a child. This man’s actions have had a significant impact on her childhood and still do now, and I hope his conviction helps her as she continues to try and process this trauma.

“Richardson has subjected the victim to years of sexual abuse. He is now rightly behind bars and will have conditions on him following his release.

“I hope that this conviction helps demonstrate that if you have been a victim of sexual abuse then it is never too late to report it to the police. You will be listened to, you will be supported and we will try and get justice for you.”